Saturday, April 10, 2010

celebrating process & failure




i have always believed that process is more important than the final product/destination, as it is only through process that we learn, explore, experience and be surprise. i guess this is one of the reasons why i enjoyed this series of work so much. Look at those faces, such determination and full of fighting spirits! A few more days before the exhibition closes, make your way down soon!

[An outright documentation of: failure, process, training, suffering, bruising, determination and a toast to “the beginner’s spirit”. Serving as a reminder that success never comes easy and it is the journey that is truly more important.]

Ten Years Of Work For Every Minute On Stage by MessyMsxi
The Art Studio, Old School
2 to 15 April 2010, 12 noon to 8.30pm

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Megan said...

This looks like a really cool exhibit and I love your photos of it!