Saturday, December 7, 2013

trekking mount rinjani – day 3 (the last day)

On the last day morning, the gals woke up at 1 am to get ready for the summit. i had decided the day before to save my energy for the descent instead... it was my first trek and i think i already did pretty good so far, so better not torture myself further (:

At 6 am sharp, my alarm went off and i jolted out of sleep. i crawled out of the tent excitedly for sunrise. The view was stunning! It was one of the most beautiful thing i’ve ever seen so far.
i stood there, taking in the gorgeous view for as long as i can stand... it was so darn cold and my hands were shivering. 
Wrapped in blanket and trying to take a decent selfie shot. (i haven’t even wash up!)

Wowowowow check out THE VIEW!

Finally, the sun was out in full force and the sky turned bright blue. i washed up, got back into the tent and enjoyed a cup of hot drinks that the porters had prepared for me. Bliss!

More stunning views, it’s difficult to put down my camera.

Standing in front of this and feeling surreal.

Random clouds passing by. It’s like in heaven.
Sunning my sweat-filled towel.

Breakfast was good but definitely too much for me so i shared with the porters.

At about 9am, the gals started to return one by one. They had made it to the summit and returned safely! Bravo!

The way down. Looking just like movie set.The route where we came down from.

Our 3 cheerful guides.

Hello! i see you!

Cute rest stop.

Barely there but so beautiful. i took so many photos of the misty forest.

Our final lunch stop. The porters squeezing under the shade while preparing lunch.

Here comes the mighty strong porters again. They can sure walked fast.

The different terrains.

And finally, on a roller coaster ride back (with screams and laughters throughout) to the trekking centre, a perfect ending to my first trekking experience (:

* * *
Reminiscing the great moments

Wow i uploaded my first video on blogger! Anyone knows how to select video thumbnail? And why is the thumbnail resolution looking so bad when the video is actually quite clear?


Anonymous said...

Wow! Very nice picures! It looks like an awesome treck! Which compagny did you go with?

one little journey said...

hey sorry for the late reply. this is the trekking company:

Halomi Trekker said...


Ashiqin Bte Mohd said...

Hi there! May I know if you made prior booking for the trek or simply show up at lombok to book? :)

one little journey said...

Hello Ashiqin, the booking was pre-booked online.

Rinjani Trek said...

nice post guys

Anonymous said...

Looked amazing!

Rinjani Trekking Packages

thày Lê said...

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faroluti said...

Happy with nature

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