Monday, August 27, 2012

on sightseeing

1. A small hill next to the town (Arvaykheer) where we stayed.
Man-made steps all the way to the hill top.

Unrecognised Wordings.

Reflective roofs under the harsh noon light.

Despite looking warm and sunny, it was actually quite cold and extremely windy.

A brick monument right in the middle of the platform at the top.

A herder and his sheep passed by.

At the foot the hill were these houses with coloured roofs – yellow, red, blue and green.
i wondered if there’s any reason why these four specific colours were chosen.

2. A horse memorial site
What a view! Doesn’t matter that it was freezing cold :)

i don’t remember much of its history except that it was built in memory of a very famous
race horse in the 18th century.

3. Sukhbaatar Square

It’s not difficult to tell which is the famous Chinggis Khaan statue.
Not sure about the other two, could be his famous warriors?

Buildings around the square.

4. Zaisan Memorial

A circular mosaic wall mural built to honor soviet soldiers killed in World War II.

Panoramic view of the city

Residential area right at the foot of the hill.

Gorgeous view when walking up and down (about 500 steps) the hill.

We didn’t do much sightseeing during the one week stay (which was good!). i much prefer to see and experience the daily life of the locals... well except the toileting part. i need modern toilet facilities.

1 & 2: Uvurkhangai
3 & 4: Ulaanbaatar

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Anna said...

These photos are so stunning! looks like your having an amazing time, so beautiful!