Tuesday, July 24, 2012

to the middle of nowhere

On the third day, we travelled out of the small town to visit a herder family. There were no road signs (or road!), no shops, no people, except for the one family that we’re visiting. i have absolutely no idea how the driver knew his way around.

Be careful of where you step on

Vast grassland, gorgeous view... and it reminded me of Brokeback Mountain.

Ceiling of a ger.

Exterior of a ger is usually very plain and they looked almost identical. But inside, each
family will customised the wall with colourful printed fabrics and decorations.

i’ve always thought all sheep looked alike... who knows there are so many different breeds,
and all so cute!

Spotted another herd of sheep from afar.

Then they started charging towards us and i panicked...

... luckily they made a turn just before reaching us.

And very orderly, they moved into their designated spot. i was impressed, very impressed.

meh~ meh~

By the end of the visit, we had also tried our hands on cutting homemade cheese curds,
shearing and milking sheep.

Zuunbayan-Ulaan, Mongolia


Mina said...

wow! what a post, so beautiful, poetic and full of adventure! I am amazed for so many beautiful pictures, people, places in this world!!

one little journey said...

and thanks for reading, Mina :)