Saturday, June 30, 2012

almost desert

My Mongolia experience started on an 8-hr coach ride from its capital Ulaanbaatar to Uvurkhangai, the province where World Vision Area Development Program is. Much of its scenery along the way consisted of grassland with herds of sheep, horses and scattered ger. But this particular spot looked almost like desert, if you were to ignore the scattered grassland in the faraway background.

At first, the camels looked kind of mysterious from afar, especially when against the light.
But after a while, the lack-of-shower smell took over.

A baby camel!

i quite like the mood of this shot even though it turned out blurry

The camel boys

Super soft sand, all over and in my shoes. But who cares?

Smelly but still adorable :)

On the way from Ulaanbaatar to Uvurkhangai, Mongolia

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Cassandra Marie said...

I loved seeing your instagram feed with all these photos from your trip :)