Friday, February 24, 2012

fab feb

Watched two more Dickens films on Monday, one of them was Great Expectations (1998).
This modernise version is awesome! The cinematography was beautiful, i love the green
setting used throughout the whole movie, and also, Ethan Hawke was very charming. There
was this scene with a close up of his face and he did a split second side grin that made my
friend and i blurted out at the same time: So cute! :)

Tomorrow, i’ll be going for the art walkabout, OH: Tiong Bahru. So looking forward to it
especially it’s in my hood this year.
February has been very busy... with non-work
activities, that is.
But after this weekend, i reckon real-work will be in, and idling OVER.

Finally did my long overdue regular health screening. i told the doctor a whole lot of
syndromes that has been bothering me over the past few months. She has reassured me
that unless the signs came back again, i can consider doing a brain scan. But at the mean
time, i shouldn’t worry too much. The results for the rest of the tests will be out in two
weeks time and i’m keeping my fingers crossed that everything will be alright. i am
starting to believe that maybe i am what my friends used to name me, a hypochondria.

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