Sunday, December 11, 2011

oh my fingers

i’ve been reading up a lot on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome lately because my fingers are giving
me problems again – every night, i can feel pins and needles in them. One of the articles i
came across wrote that people with smaller wrists have higher risk of getting CTS... i hardly
came across anyone who has smaller wrists than me.

My poor fingers!


Patrice A. said...


I found your blog via Jasmin
of jazzy two shoes
and fell in love
with these images

than I read about your finger problems
I have had the same
and still have now and then
what helped me:
splint with a wrist brace
I wore them during the day and night
after a while only at nights (when it hurts the most)
I had no operation and am thankful for that every day

good luck!

one little journey said...

thank you patrice! will definitely get a wrist brace and hopefully it works for me too :)