Wednesday, May 11, 2011

no more walks

There is this short stretch of walk from my place that leads to the nearby shops and mrt
station. i’ve mentioned it a few times here before and taken numerous pictures of it for
the past few years.

During my walks, i love looking up at the sky through the leaves; taking deep breaths;
walking on the uneven ground that is filled with huge tree roots; feeling as if i’m living
amongst the nature.

The huge trees provide shades from the scorching sun, but yet allowing bits of sunlight to
past through, kissing lightly on the skin. During certain months of the year, the ground will
be filled with dried golden leaves. Sometimes a breeze causes the leaves on the ground to stir
lightly, looking as though they were dancing in the wind.

But all these has become a memory of the past.
Now my walk has been reduced to this:

Sad max :(

They’ve chopped down all the trees (murderer!). Very soon the whole area will be filled
up with high rise buildings (yet again).

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Cassandra Marie said... sad! Why can't they just leave pretty places like that alone?