Sunday, February 13, 2011

trans-cool tokyo

On Chinese New Year day two, i had a bit of time during the bazaar and went off to see the exhibitions at 8Q. These are some of the works that i really like.

Star Dust of One Hundred of Million Light-Years by Yayoi Kusama
This reminds me the pretty colours of orchid flowers.

PixCell-Deer#17 by Kohei Nawa
“Fascinated with how we interact and mediate the world of virtual reality and the internet, Nawa sources taxidermic objects from online auction sites and layers these surfaces with transparent glass beads. This mediated layer of glass beads reference the pixel of the computer screen that we so often come in contact with today, but also reduces our visualisation of the object to tiny particles of light.
The veil of differing sizes of glass beads on the surface of the taxidermied animal magnifies it in some areas and distorts it in others. This plays on the perception of reality and questioning how we encounter our daily environment and how we comprehend what we are seeing.”

Gush #20 & #19 by Kohei Nawa
i can feel the freedom in these painting

White Night & Sayon by Yoshitomo Nara


AND THEN White, AND THEN White & Black, AND THEN Black by Takashi Murakami

Kansei Platinum by Takashi Murakami
LV lovers will find this familiar.

Criticism and the Lover C by Yasumasa Morimura
“Morimura uses techniques of appropriation to reconstruct the familiar into something odd an unsettling. In doing so, he pays homage to these Western icons, but explores and questions the consumption of these iconic images and culture, as well as issues of cultural identity. Placing images of himself and facial features in these recognisable paintings for example, he turns the gaze of the viewer and the subject around and analyses how people consume these masterpieces. If his works make the viewer uncomfortable, it is not just the oddness, it is because the artist himself is facing the viewer.
Paul Cezanne’s Still Life with Apples and Oranges (1895–1900) is part of a series of explorations based on iconic art historical works that Morimura appropriated to portray his ‘self’ in these famous painting which includes also Edouard Manet’s Olympia and Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. Here, he again inserts his self-portrait onto the apples and oranges originally painted by Cezanne.”

Singapore Art Museum at 8Q
19 Nov 2010 – 13 Feb 2011

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