Friday, September 17, 2010

food in the village

There wasn’t much things to do in the village (well, that’s because i don’t have to work in the
field like the villagers), so meal time was always the highlight of my day.

A typical morning breakfast consists of sweet potato porridge with peanuts and salted
vegetable. The fried kangkong and beancurd dishes were specially prepared for guests
(that’s us!).

Mid morning snacks for lazy people (like me) who woke up late – sweet black sesame kueh
and deep fried beancurd.

Lunch and dinner usually starts with a bowl of soup to warm the stomach before eating rice.

Lunch & dinner spread. My two favourite dishes were ngo hiang (prawn roll) & “小米”
(steamed vegetable dumplings).

One of the days, electricity was cut off. So we had dinner along the passageway outside the
house, it was breezy after the rain, quite a fun night.

These last few pixs were food from the town. i love those RMB5 noodle soup, they were so
yummy. The last pix was a spread of beef feast hotpot.

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