Friday, April 29, 2011

sleepless nights

The bad sleep days are back again. Falling asleep at wee hours but only to wake up 2 or
3 hours later... or worst woke up because of nightmares... then after much tossed and turned,
finally back to sleep again near morning :-(

hong kong photos (old & new) revisit

2004. My first visit to Hong Kong... was still looking young and innocent (ha ha). 4 days
3 nights and only 4 photos that are more presentable. Just imagine how bad the rest were.

2008. Back again 4 years later with my sis and niece, this time with many photographs taken
as compared to the first. This was taken the night when we reached our pretty hotel room.

A busy alley in Central.

One of the shopfronts along the mid-levels travelator.

Arts by the roadside.

A local artist painting Obama by the harbour.

Victoria Harbour.

Meeting up with my friend and her lovely children. Miss them lots xx

Mini people checking out each other.

Tin Hau Temple.

Rows and rows of green oranges skin.


Magnificent view from The Peak.

Yummy food! And these were only a portion of what i ate.

Miss my friends, can’t wait to go back again!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

bangkok photos revisit

Afternoon/evening fruits and papers arranged side by side at Metropolitan Bangkok –
a charming boutique hotel with excellent service.

Welcome tea.

A spacious minimal design bathroom, everything was neatly arranged.

Pebbles outside one of the cafes/restaurants, near the swimming pool.

Chinatown. Having visited Bangkok a few times and been to most of the attractions by then,
i decided to spend half of day doing something different instead of shopping.

Happy people in Chinatown.

Marinated food in massive pot at a food stall.

Started taking food pictures way back in 2003 when most people thought i was crazy.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

tokyo photos revisit

i was looking through my backup travel photos the other day and realised i took such bad
photos before. i am not saying that my photos are great now, but compared to those awful
photos back in 2003 (that was the year i got my first digital camera), i think i did improve
over the years.

These photos, though badly taken, brought back wonderful memories. Revisiting using the
awesome Instagram app, i’m hoping it can save these photos and give them a new life.

Tokyo, 2003
Shinjuku Station. Hello, Mr Station Staff!

A building in Shinjuku.

Coffee, and my favourite pumpkin sandwich from Pret.

The year when Kill Bill was screening.

Mount Fuji, either 5th or 6th Station. A very kind post office staff gave me two postcards
on the magnificent view of Mount Fuji.

A wedding in Meiji Shrine. The wedding couple who later posed a picture with me :-)

Meiji Shrine. Wooden plate wishes.

Totally no recollection of this photo, possibly taken in Harajuku.

Late night supper in hotel room. Half price sushi and sashimi takeaway from supermarket.

Monday, April 18, 2011

everything is so pretty

Skinny latte.

Walnut brownie and gelato.

Nice and quiet on a Sunday night.

Ginger spice tea.

i visited Arteastiq Cafe again last night. Although their latte was not the best in town, but
their delicious desserts definitely made up for it. Oh did i mention the food styling and
presentation? Everything is so pretty!

The last photo was taken two months ago when i first visited. The ginger spice tea (their
signature tea) remains one of the best i’ve ever had.

say it in llama

‘one little journey’ made up of cute little llamas. Check out that ‘Y’ llama, it’s too adorable!
Get yours here.

fitting room fashion

After the ahem gathering yesterday, i had a bit of time till my next dinner appointment. So i
decided that shopping–with cool air-conditioning and VIP service–was the perfect way to
lift my otherwise dampened spirit.

1.5 hours. 4 boutiques. 3 reservations. 0 buys. But 100% happy.
See? Told you i am an easily contented person :-)