Saturday, December 7, 2013

trekking mount rinjani – day 3 (the last day)

On the last day morning, the gals woke up at 1 am to get ready for the summit. i had decided the day before to save my energy for the descent instead... it was my first trek and i think i already did pretty good so far, so better not torture myself further (:

At 6 am sharp, my alarm went off and i jolted out of sleep. i crawled out of the tent excitedly for sunrise. The view was stunning! It was one of the most beautiful thing i’ve ever seen so far.
i stood there, taking in the gorgeous view for as long as i can stand... it was so darn cold and my hands were shivering. 
Wrapped in blanket and trying to take a decent selfie shot. (i haven’t even wash up!)

Wowowowow check out THE VIEW!

Finally, the sun was out in full force and the sky turned bright blue. i washed up, got back into the tent and enjoyed a cup of hot drinks that the porters had prepared for me. Bliss!

More stunning views, it’s difficult to put down my camera.

Standing in front of this and feeling surreal.

Random clouds passing by. It’s like in heaven.
Sunning my sweat-filled towel.

Breakfast was good but definitely too much for me so i shared with the porters.

At about 9am, the gals started to return one by one. They had made it to the summit and returned safely! Bravo!

The way down. Looking just like movie set.The route where we came down from.

Our 3 cheerful guides.

Hello! i see you!

Cute rest stop.

Barely there but so beautiful. i took so many photos of the misty forest.

Our final lunch stop. The porters squeezing under the shade while preparing lunch.

Here comes the mighty strong porters again. They can sure walked fast.

The different terrains.

And finally, on a roller coaster ride back (with screams and laughters throughout) to the trekking centre, a perfect ending to my first trekking experience (:

* * *
Reminiscing the great moments

Wow i uploaded my first video on blogger! Anyone knows how to select video thumbnail? And why is the thumbnail resolution looking so bad when the video is actually quite clear?

Sunday, July 21, 2013

trekking mount rinjani – day 2

Rise and shine at 6am.

Breakfast in preparation.

The pisang goreng was yummy!

Packing up to start our Day 2 trek. We will be going down to the crater lake and then up to the second campsite opposite. (Photo by Lay Peng)

Group picture with our guides before moving off.

i quickly snapped a few more pics before leaving, it was too beautiful!

Off we go! (Photos by Lay Peng)

The route down to the crater was not only steep, it was also wet and slippery cos of the rain the night before. (Photos by Lay Peng)

One of the mighty strong porters that zoom passed us despite his heavy load.

A short break to rest our legs and admire the scenery.

Looking very colorful!

Finally up closed with the crater lake and still energetic enough to jump, not bad at all!

i was trying to take a panoramic view of the surrounding but not sure why my friend ended up looking like alien. Oops!

After some rest, more pictures and fooling around – like pretending to fish with the trekking stick etc, we set off for hot spring. (Photo by Lay Peng)

Awesome view along the way.

The hot spring was just right below. We can’t wait to jump in as we knew it was our only chance to ‘bath’ during the trip. (Photo by Lay Peng)

Making our way to the lunch site and was careful not to get wet especially we were feeling fresh and clean after hot spring. 

The porters had already set up the area when we reached.

One of the porters making tea and milo for us.

We were surrounded by blue sky, magnificent mountains, clear lake water and cool weather. What a perfect spot to chill and have lunch.

Did i mention before that our guide can cook really well?

Garlic bread, nasi goreng, pineapple, apple and orange (not pictured). What a spread!

After lunch, it was time to make our way to the second campsite. The climb up from the crater was very tough, but looked at the scenery, it was totally worth it.

Again, my guide had to help me all the way up else i couldn’t have made it. i kept telling him i have no more strength left haha. Once, we were in the middle of climbing up rocky surfaces, he pointed to somewhere far and told me to check out the view. i turned around, looked for a split second (no, i have no idea what i saw) and quickly turned back. Though i pretended to look cool, he could still sensed that something wasn’t right and asked if i’m afraid of height. i guess he must be thinking why the hell would someone who is afraid of height trekking a mountain?! (Photos by Angel)

After another long day of tedious climbing, we finally reached our second campsite.

It was even more beautiful than the first night.

And i found crystals everywhere! On the spider web next to our tents...

... and on my friend’s hair :)

Day 2 ended with this delicious chicken and vegetable curry dinner nomnom.

i had to grab many pictures from my friends to illustrate the full story cos i had no free hand to use my camera most of the time. One hand was with the guide, the other either holding the trekking stick or onto some rocks for my dear life. But yeay i survived Day 2! To be continued...

Day 1
Mount Rinjani, Lombok, Indonesia