Sunday, July 31, 2011


i was so looking forward to July before... now that it’s suddenly the last day of the month,
i feel a little lost and helpless. i should have got out of the house today instead of sitting in
front of the laptop, trying to think of answers that i might never find out.

Well, who knows, maybe the month that i should be looking forward to might turn out to
be August instead.

lunching at home

Mostly mum’s cooking.
Bliss :)

right to left

i just realised that my hair parting has gone from right to left without me knowing.
How weird is that?

Monday, July 25, 2011

oh! coffee

A coffee (or two... sometimes three) a day, keeps the sleepiness away :)

It’s been such a busy period recently... and super stressful too. i spotted a few strand of
white hair just now. How???

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

beijing photos revisit

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Lama Temple. Beautiful architecture surrounded by air of peacefulness

Stalls outside the temple

Wall surrounding Forbidden City (view from outside)

Tiananmen Square. i couldn’t help but be reminded of the June 4th massacre :(

Forbidden City – the world’s largest surviving palace complex.
Nice and quiet to visit during winter

Eatery by the roadside

The Great Wall of China. Magnificent and beautiful!

Nanluoguxiang. Famous for its hutong and courtyards, it is a quaint little street that is
packed with bars/cafes/restaurants and souvenir shops (more pictures below).

Neighbours chatting outside their homes

Dashanzi (798) art district. Beijing contemporary art scene

Thursday, July 7, 2011

walk. around the neighbourhood

Pretty pavement design

A row of freshly trimmed bushes which i’ve never noticed before

And this area is so resort-like... except there’s no beaches around here

Decided to take a short walk to de-stress myself from work earlier this evening and
discovered a lot of interesting new places. It’s a pity that i was a little too conscious with
people looking and only managed to take a few pictures. Will go for another walk soon
and hopefully with better luck next time :)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


A tshirt that i bought online recently. Love the print.

Rediscovered these deflatable vases that has been hiding in the drawer for 4 years.

Cute fan from Pink Dot 2011.

Crazy amount of stuffs that i’ve been trying on my face for the past 2 months. Well except for drTung’s Smart Floss which i’ve been using for quite a while... and i can say that it is the BEST dental floss that i’ve ever used. It flosses effortlessly and leaves teeth super clean.