Sunday, December 27, 2009


A pair of lovely Cath Kidston mugs & card (from Clare)
Kikki.K mouse pad (comes in handy as my current one is old and disgusting)
Takashimaya voucher (someone has no time to shop for gifts, hehe!)
Muji water bottle (perfect for my yoga classes)
Muji notebook with pen
Muji elastic band
Ikea table lamp
Candy from Columbia

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

from silver to white

It’s lighter.
It’s sleeker.
It’s faster.
It’s 3Gs.

Finally, i upgraded my iphone :-)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

not a recipe

Instant noodle, the way i like it.

Hot & spicy korean noodle (half pack)
Egg (must have!)

AND (whatever is in the fridge):
Bean sprout (or cabbage)
Black fungus
Fish slice
Mushroom meat balls

in trouble

Nonsensical thoughts out of nowhere.

Friday, December 18, 2009

wishes are free

1. Paul Smith for Apple – 15" mini cooper sleeve 2. Paul Smith – City classic 3. Paul smith for Apple – leather case for iPhone 4. From head to toe – A book about how to wear graphics 5. Coco Chanel : A biography 6. Rob Ryan – 10th Annversity Westbourne House plate 7. Handwritten cards from you and you 8. Anything that is in this box 9. Some good luck 10. A free trip to Paris (or Barcelona, Prague, South Africa) 11. Marimekko mug 12. Marimekko plate 13. A big bouquet of exotic flowers 14. Alex and Chloe – Bauhaus Paris necklace 15. 15" MacBook Pro and magic mouse 16. Mimi for Tate – leather shoulder bag 17. Robert Indiana – love pin 18. A call from You 19. Snow 20. Ukulele

Most of the stuffs are what i happened to see online, i can go on and on, so don’t take them too seriously. But of course, i wouldn’t mind any of these for Christmas :-p

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

a few things

Developed a stack of photos of my niece and me.
We looked really happy.
Need to buy a photo album.
Watched a musical play over the weekend.
It wasn’t as good as i had expected but nevertheless still good.
i guess because i am never a fan of fairytales.
So the problem lies with me.
i told my niece her balloon’s name is Kikko after it stopped floating.
(my sis’s puppy has the same name)
Now she walks the ‘dog’ everyday.
And her ‘dog’ is shrinking by the day.
i’ve finally started going for yoga classes.
Need to balance myself better.
Took a nap in the evening because i only slept 4 hours last night.
Now i am wide awake at 12 midnight.
Getty images sent me an invitation to sell some of my food images.
i had a delicious break today.
i am hungry now.

Saturday, December 12, 2009


i received my first xmas parcel today! How i wish tomorrow is xmas, can’t wait to open it :-)

Oh dear! i haven’t send out mine. i bought the present some time back but haven’t had the chance to make a card. Will definitely send it on Monday when the post office is open, hope it will make in time.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

spiky red & blue

Another adaption design from the outfit (red coat above). The lighter tones came out too light and looked almost transparent.

pixel christmas

Adaption design from one of the brand’s outfits. The image was made up of 1-cm silver coloured squares to look like pixel trees.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

rush hour is o.v.e.r

What do you do when there’s no more deadline to rush?
i shop.

A pair of studs sandals from Pedder Red.
One can never have too many pairs of shoes.

A foldable tote bag from OH! exhibition.
i wish i’ve got some other buttons instead, especially from Marisa Keller.

Studs earrings from Agnes b.
Most of my earrings don’t seems to go with my current hairstyle anymore.

Christmas gift for a friend.
A bar of chocolate magnet from Chocolate Research Facility, break into as many pieces as you like.

A 2-in-1 cardigan and scarf from alldressedup.

An oversize blouse, also from alldressedup.

And this, this, and this, all from ikea :-)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

OH! (dear)

These are four of my favourites from OH! Open House exhibition.

(1) i love these deep intense coloured background. The paintings are of common object but yet they feel surreal.

(2) Be it in a group, or individually, these prints are awesome!

(3) Printed using actual leaves, the texture is gorgeous.

(4) Such beautiful detailed patterns. i’m so going to get a magnifying glass to scrutinise things around me.

4 – 6 December 2009
Wilkie Edge & Niven Road

As there were two parts of the exhibitions, i thought the opening hours (6 to 11pm) stated on the website can be more detailed to avoid any disappointment. i was there at 9:40pm, Friday and was told that the last tour exhibition was at 9:30pm. My first thought was: “Oh dear! It’s happening again” (see previous post). It was so disappointing not to be able to catch all the exhibitions after making a trip down.

i did managed to drag myself back the next day for the guided tour at Niven Road. However, instead of viewing 8 art homes (information from the leaflet and website), there were only 6. And 2 of which were studios. To be frank, i think they looked too bare to be real studios. They were practically empty except for the few art pieces on display.

On top of these, there were at least two installations i remembered that were also at Blackout which i thought it’s a little too soon to exhibit again.

Having said all these, i did enjoy myself and its an exhibition worth catching.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


A R R A N G I N G, an exhibition by Atelier Hoko, Singapore Design Festival 2009.
i love this installation, especially this set of ‘archives’. i guess that’s because i am one of those who loves to arrange and record down things and thoughts all the time. Oh and i love anything handwritten.

i have to say that i was quite disappointed with the overall exhibition this year. Not because of the exhibit works but the attitude towards the event. i went on the last day of the exhibition at The City Hall (30 Nov) and saw: 1) Some of the exhibits looked like they had been neglected, the conditions were not good. 2) A few rooms were not yet open around noon time when the opening hours is 10am – 7pm. 3) Some exhibits had already been cleared. Same for The Arts House (exhibition from 20 Nov – 4 Dec). The big standing poster at the entrance shouted Singapore Design Festival but i couldn’t find any exhibition at all. i was told that they had cleared the exhibits the night before when checked with the guys at the ticket counter.

i don’t think i should be punished (so were those tourists who thought they managed to catch the exhibition on the last day) just because i couldn’t make it earlier. i kind of lost interest in the rest of the exhibitions, don’t think i will go to the rest. i’ve only took a few pictures this time round which is rare. Usually, i am always busy taking down notes and pictures of interesting artwork. Well, hope it gets better next time round.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


i love this walnut and cranberry toast.
i am no more drinking hot mocha.
i have become a latte drinker.
for no reason.
it’s December.
it’s official.
it’s year end.
it’s a little sad.
but i feel great.
i am contradicting.
i bought a 2-in-1 cardigan/scarf.
the weather is hot.
i have no chance of wearing it.
it’s a perfect excuse to travel.
to be a traveller.
to somewhere cold.
on my own.