Thursday, March 31, 2011

as free as a bird

Status: dental overdue, sleep deprived, yoga classes suspended... But after tomorrow, i will be as free as a bird :-)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

friday & weekends

Happy Friday... because its Friday! And i finally got the chance to buy Stef’s album, i love
love love so many of the songs. Will share more about it soon :-)

Saturday: Discovered a lovely cafe, 40 Hands. The place was packed when we got there,
but were lucky to get a table after a short wait. i love their skinny latte, will definitely go
back again. And it’s only about 10 mins walk from my place. Lucky me!

Spent like only 10 mins at Old Kallang Airport (for Singapore Biennale 2011) and decided
to return the week after because my camera battery was not charged! So i rang my friends
and they came back to pick me up for another round of coffee instead.

Apple fritters and cloudy apple.

Unhealthy Sunday. The pictures said it all... well, except for the strawberries.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

bits of today

Afternoon break in the agency: Skinny latte with wholemeal crackers.

Walking home with unusually light steps. Looking forward to a work-free evening, finally!

Love long casting shadow because it makes me feel tall and slim. It’s silly, i know i know.

The show on tv was obviously not as interesting as the lines on my feet... was totally distracted.

Distraction no. 2 – Human installation/performing art at home. My super active niece does
all sorts of funny things everyday. Quite entertaining at times :-)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

march wip

1 x campaign, 1 x corporate branding, 1 x fashion show, 1 x stamp booklet,
2 x miniature sheets, 2 x souvenir covers, 4 x etsy shipments... insane or what?

Two more weeks to April, quick!

Monday, March 14, 2011

work weekends

A quick update before i get back to work, the clock is reading 2:40am as i type this... it
sounds crazy isn’t it? But for once, i’m actually happy to be this busy. Looking forward to
a long break after this.

Have been catching up on Japan earthqake and tsumami news, it’s so sad seeing people
losing their homes. Natural disaster, please stop already :-(

Saturday, March 5, 2011


i don’t know how am i going to survive through March... there are just too much work to
be done. Needless to say, tomorrow (sunday) will be another work day too. BUT i am not
really complaining because i believe it’s all going to be worth it. i’m starting on an
interesting project and can’t wait to share when it’s done! :-)