Saturday, December 4, 2010

one little journey: the shop

i’ve got a shop on Etsy!

This is something that i’ve been thinking for quite a while but didn’t really have the chance to work on it. And since there wasn’t much real work going on right now, i thought it’s a good time to get started.

First batch to go is a series of handmade notebooks:

A palmsize notebook to capture your daily thoughts. The cover is an original photograph printed on matte paper.

Every notebook is made unique and about 50% of the pages are made from upcycled paper scraps. Perfect for the you who enjoy a little surprise on every flip of a page.

Currently, there are only a few items listed in the shop, but i will be adding more this coming week.

Enter promo code “OPENING10” at checkout for 10% off. Till 12 December 2010.

Comments and feedback welcome :-)


Cassandra Dias said...

Congrats on opening your shop! I remember the excitement of opening mine, and making my first sale :) Good luck!


{Stop by and say hello!}

chinghar said...

Wow, great one! Can i be your first customer? Just one little notebook will do :)

one little journey said...

@ Cassandra Marie: wow i love your shop! those little bow brooches are cuteness to the max :-)

@ chinghar: welcome to olj shop!