Tuesday, November 16, 2010

from door-to-door

The visit to Swan Valley reminds me a little of the Marlborough region in New Zealand
which i love a lot – vineyards, wineries, good food, roadside fresh local produce, cafes,
fabulous sceneries...

Across the Visitors Information Centre was a park where there were rows of huge trees
with camouflage looking patterns on its unusual smooth tree bark... it was beautiful.
We ended up spending a bit of time walking around the park and took many photos even
before the actual start of our Swan Valley tour!

Skinny waists, envy!

Shopping at Margaret River Chocolate Co., the last pic was my shopping basket :-)

Beautiful sceneries and trees along the way.

A couple on their way to attend a wedding at one of the wineries.

The sparkling honey water that ALL of us loved.

A cat yearning for attention at Jabiru Art Gallery & Cafe. Not allowed to enter, she waited
at the door while we ordered beverages at the counter.

Bought my favourite apricot soft nougats here!

i think we visited at least ten galleries & shops in total. It’s a shame that many does not
allowed photography.

Swan Valley, Perth, Australia
30 Oct 2010

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