Friday, November 20, 2009

chat. eat. rain. shop. books

A perfect day. Summing up in just five words.

There are so many design books that i was so tempted to get just now. But in the end, i decided to forgo all because i cannot decide which ones to buy. i tried to convince myself that since the busy period is almost over, and there are no upcoming projects for next year yet, i shouldn’t splurge on expensive reference books. In the end, i got myself six novels and one poem book instead :-)))

Kinokuniya is having members’ sale till Sunday. 20% off all books.
can’t help *grinning silly from ear to ear*


Jo said...

u sure have LOTS of books! o.o

one little journey said...

well yes... i tried to make better use of these new books by passing to my sis once finished reading

Jo said...

i wanna upload joel's pix...but i'm having problems with the proxies...sometimes can...other times cannot. taking a long time to load the pages too. :_(